22 April 2006

Once upon a time...

Bonjour!! Ola!! Greetings!!
from Rue Léon Frédéric 43, 1030 Brussels, the current chapter of what has been and is going to be the long and winding adventure of a simple gal from the Top End of Australia and a bashful boy from Brussels….

As many of you probably know, our story in Belgium started almost two years ago with the purchase of a one-way ticket to Europe. Many hours of plastic plane food and compressed air later, the Aussie girl tumbled (dishevelled and jet-lagged) out of Brussels International into the arms of her beau and the land of moules frites et mannekin pis… (Of course, the story goes back much further than that; this is the abridged version)….

Since then, many experiences have been had: French has been (is still being) learned, jobs have commenced, studies have been completed, places have been visited and friends have been found. In recognition of our unreliable emailing skills, in a late-night burst of inspiration an account was created, a name was hastily invented (you can probably tell from the very catchy Belgo-Australian fusion) and VOILA, our Blog was born…

Welcome to our Walkabout!!


At 28 April, 2006, Blogger David Gonzalez said...

Hello guys!
so nice to see you are joining the blogging community! it will be fun now to follow your adventures from the new home sweet home as it won't be possible to come so often for a surprise party in person :-)

I look forward to keep reading your postings! :-)

At 29 April, 2006, Blogger Catherine Hall said...

Ola queridos,

Thankyou SO much for this. I often think of you both, and what you're up to, and now I can see for myself ... and start dreaming of a visit.


At 05 May, 2006, Blogger hope said...

wow. i had no idea about you two. (it goes to show you how bad i am at keeping in touch.) parabens! you both look so happy. que bom!

i haven't been all that great at keeping my blog up-to-date (either), but you can check it out from time to time, if you want. hoped.blogspot.com

At 14 May, 2006, Anonymous bob twyman said...

Hi Guys
had a look hope you are still reading emails


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