28 July 2006

Bangkok baby!

June found me (Lian) in Bangkok for about 9 days for a work conference...
Although my expectations of the city didn't go very far beyond 1. hot 2. crowded and 3. polluted - there was something about the place and the people that really appealed. It was much more than what I had imagined...

It was really too short a time to explore properly, but, like all good tourists, I did manage to visit the Grand Palace and the temple of the green buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) - which were an incredible sight....

A friend of mine took me to the markets where I goggled at the fried insects for sale (although I couldn't bring m
yself to try any... maybe next time!?) And we indulged in a cocktail or two at what is apparently the world's "highest open-air bar" (thanks Per).

I already want to go back... but this time to travel and discover the rest of the country. No definite plans yet but you never know....
Sawadee kha!!


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