24 September 2006

La Rochepot, Bourgogne

Laurent and I wanted to take my folks on a bit of a trip somewhere.... so we scoured the websites of not-too-close, but not-too-far, not-tooooo-touristy, not-too-expensive-but-still-charming potential destinations and finally came up with - ta-da-daa - BOURGOGNE (Burgundy)!!! We figured we couldn’t go too wrong with a French B&B surrounded by vineyards.

We found a little village called La Rochepot... and eventually got a booking with one of the many "Fouquerand" families that seem to rule the place (or at least the B&B industry).

After a lazy breakfast we managed to squeeze ourselves into the car. This was quite a feat considering Laurent had insisted on packing his paraglide (for those of you who remain unacquainted with Laurent's paraglide - when it is all packaged up it looks like a massive hiking pack and is approximately the size of a small cow!!).

But at least we all fit – and we were off! The trusty Michelin Man had told us it might take about 5 and a half hours to get there…. Unfortunately, due to a long lunch stop, several road works, a missed turning, a poorly-functioning GPS (and no map), it ended up taking closer to 8!!

I have to say though, it was worth it…. We ended up in a tiny little village of old stone houses and flower boxes, a centuries-old church and fruit trees. Nestled in a valley and overlooked by a medieval castle (Le Château de la Rochepot); La Rochepot was wunderful!


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